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A unique 1800’s style star fort built in Minecraft.

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Bradsfort is a star fort replicating those that can be found in the early 1800’s. Back when guns were filled with gunpowder and cannons were powerful siege weapons, star forts were true fortresses that armies would be hard-pressed to crack.

Using Minecraft as it’s medium the Bradsfort project explores the history of star forts and, most importantly, the architecture and engineering behind their looks. Visit the fortress and bask in the details that make a star fort.

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The Spark that created Bradsfort

As a bonus, learn more about the planning and the actual Bradsfort Project. Inspired by the Halifax Citadel, a well developed star fort in the Canadian maritimes, Bradsfort was born with a purpose to bring historical locations to a digital medium in an educational way.

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