With N7 day being around the corner, By Fans For Fans opened up the Mass Effect Fan Forge for design submissions. In response, this is one of the 2 designs I created. If you like it, you can vote to see it on some physical products like shirts or bags!

The Illusive Man is great. I love the character and his story – very memorable villain of the Mass Effect cast. As such, I wanted to create a design centering around him. I always remember him idly watching data screens in front of the massive planet in the background of his office. It helped that it was seen after every mission completed in Mass Effect 2. I also wanted a way to show how he was the center of Cerberus. He is very powerful and is the center of many stories, events, projects… the list goes on.

Turns out, the Cerberus logo is effectively a circle – almost a circle in a circle (with the planet being another circle). The focus was already the center – it then became a task of adding in the Illusive Man himself.

Originally, I wanted to go with him sitting in a chair – more often than not, that’s how you see him. However, it does not read well when in a solid colour as the chair is an awkward shape that blends into the Illusive Man himself. I then tried him standing still staring off into some monitor with data running across it, and the result was good. A bit of fine tuning and here we are.

But N7 day isn’t about the Illusive Man (though he did revive the best N7 operative in a Mass Effect game).

Get your Shepard fix!

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