With N7 day being around the corner, By Fans For Fans opened up the Mass Effect Fan Forge for design submissions. In response, this is one of the 2 designs I created. If you like it, you can vote to see it on some physical products like shirts or bags!

Classic N7 for N7 day. When I was brainstorming ideas for what to design the thought of Shepard looking down his sights kept coming to mind. It’s a great action pose, and I managed to fit it into the N7 logo pretty nicely if I say so myself.

With the N7 logo being very modern and simple, I couldn’t add in a fully rendered figure poking out the end. In the end I decided to go with line-art highlighting key details. And the way to logo reads, you go from the N7 right across the shoulder/head/gun – so I tried to keep the details focused and thicker around there to keep this horizontal flow.

But how about something more… illusive…

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