Decided to put together an unofficial info card for Xterminator featuring the new-ish avatar character. It needed to cover who Xterminator is, what he does, and how to find his content.

Inspiration came from Tiberian Sun’s promotional material, prominently featuring a GDI soldier and the game logo.

I added in 3 words that would give an uninformed person a good idea of what Xterminator does (goal 2). The patches beneath give a bit of insight onto what he has accomplished in the past (goal 1 – though limited to Factorio). The links at the bottom achieve goal 3, but can replace the patches if intended for use as temporary screen.

The reason for such low resolution (480p) is because I wanted to make a compact design that works at limited sizes (posting on social media, small screens, and in chat groups… etc.) And because I had medium resolution Xterminator assets.

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