Hints and Tips Branding

Hints and Tips Guides

The Hints and Tips guides created to educate people on different topics regarding collaborative construction projects and how to manage them. The primary focus of this project was to establish a brand that would fit different themes and media. While most of the project was designed for online, physical collateral materials were designed in the event the Hints and Tips guides made an appearance at a trade show or convention.

A trio of logos created for the Hints and Tips Guides series
Hints And Tips Social Media Link Icons
A series of icons made for sharing Hints and Tips Guides

A Universal Appearance

Since the guides would cover different themes and extend from online to physical media, the brand would need a flexible design. It would need to represent the ideals behind the Hints and Tips project and not one specific topic.

The age old practice of using folders to sort information on different topics was the primary source of inspiration. Since the Hints and Tips guides were targeting individuals managing projects, familiar symbols would be more effective. The folder icon, featuring a picture of the topic, was created to fill that role. The imagery on the folders would change depending on the theme or topic but would work to link all the Hints and Tips guides together. The folders were also used for social media and sharing icons.

The Final Guides

With the folder icon used to create a link among all guides, it would be easy to identify those belonging to the Hints and Tips series. The logo worked effectively online and on the printed materials, and the use of vibrant colours as highlights would catch wandering eyes while working towards establishing an overarching theme. The three-up informational handouts demonstrated how flexible the aspects of the brand were with the primary logo, using the icon of the individual guide, and finishing with information links in the folder design.

A 3-up flyer design to promote the Building a City guide