Old Adventurer’s Guide

A Guide to Exploration and Survival

While out exploring the nearby caverns you have come across this old book on adventuring. It talks about a mysterious world, constructing tools, fighting monsters, and traveling to other dimensions.

This digital adventuring guide, “My leg is Broken and I Have no Tools”, was created for a Planet Minecraft contest to create a survival guide. Taking the perspective at an incapacitated adventurer, this guide wanted to tackle survival through the experiences of someone who wanted to see and do everything – an adventurer.

A Quick Turn Around

Although the contest ran for 3 weeks, I found out half-way through. Coming up with the idea and executing it had to be done in under 9 days.

While that did add pressure, prioritizing tasks made time management simple. Content came first: without good text the guide will fall apart. This, plus figuring out the layout took the bulk of the time; the images and final polish had to be done in a couple days.

In the end, the guide was released a day in advance and was able to receive an update based on public feedback.

Achieving Second Place

My Leg is Broken and I Have no Tools earned second place out of 129 entries. My favourite parts of the guide are the balance between text, hints, and images and the content: a lot was packed into the text while still offering a good read.

You can find the full upload of this adventuring guide here.