New Lunar Republic Emblem

Nov 13, 2018

A New Look at a Fictional Conflict

The New Lunar Republic emblem was designed after a fictional rebellion again the Solar Empire. The design was meant to break away from the typical military-inspired designs and introduce a more elegant and intricate emblem to carry around.

Faction Phone Cases

The New Lunar Republic emblem was originally made as a phone case for myself. However, a similar design was made for the Solar Empire as a sort of “pick your team”. While never publicly available, the designs themselves serve the same purpose, though the New Lunar Republic design has over 40 favourites and the Solar Empire with over 10.


Becoming a Physical Product

In 2018, the New Lunar Republic emblem was chosen to join For Fans By Fans’ product lineup. The design was slightly altered to be available on a messanger bag and backpack. These products remain available into 2020.

The New Lunar Republic design was selected based on the popularity of the fictional faction and the performance of my art pieces.