Tuplex Branding

Mar 28, 2018

Tuplex Logo Design

Tuplex is a YouTube channel that produces 30-minute long videos in a tutorial series. The goal is to help the community understand going from A to Z and the practices behind doing so. At the time of designing the logo, Tuplex was focused on helping viewers understand the complexities of launching a rocket in Factorio.

The Core of Tuplex

Tuplex’s channel is growing, and at the heart of this growth is the desire to connect with the community to learn how to accomplish a complex task together. It was about providing tips, solutions, and answers to the viewers. When brainstorming a logo, these were the key focus points.

Fitting in with the theme of breaking down complex tasks, the decision was made to make an industrial-looking logo. This brought upon the gear shaped as an “E” – a machine is a combination of smaller parts. The circuitry used in the background resembles the network that Tuplex strives to create and support – the weathering on the logo demonstrating it takes some getting dirty to get things done.


The Final Design

Tuplex’s logo appearing weathered on a circuitry background. This final design represents the positive and supportive nature of Tuplex’s YouTube channel. It is a channel you trust to learn efficient strategies, how to complete a certain tasks, or get answers on questions you may have. With a friendly and approachable appearance, Tuplex continues to provide supportive video content for the community.