Xterminator Work

Jan 4, 2019

Xterminator Brand Banner

Xterminator runs a YouTube channel posting short videos around indie gaming and, specifically, Factorio. Content ranges from playthroughs to community highlights which has gathered an audience of over 33K subscribers. In addition to videos, Xterminator also livestreams on Twitch.

There is a big focus on community with Xterminator. With a public Discord server, an active Twitch following, and many Patreon supporters it was important to make the focus how Xterminator is growing a community.

Xterminator’s YouTube banner designed to accompany overlays with links to websites and social media sites.


Xterminator profile card for stream intermissions. Contains links and personality indicatorsFor social media and website banners, the “Building a Community” banner would be used. Many sites will have social media links over the image or near the banner, so having a simple design helps keep it focused and attractive without redundant information.

The profile card is used for intermissions during livestreams. Since this card appears alone in the video window, and there are no links readily viewable (viewers must scroll down), highlighting them at the bottom was necessary.

Xterminator Badges and Emotes

A focus on community also means helping the community feel connected and related. When asked to create badges for supporters of different tiers, the concept became “what would an Xterminator army look like?” Based off the avatar character, robotic heads were made to fit within the restrictive 18px x 18px space.

Xterminator subscribers badges putting a face to the “Xterminator Army” ideaBoth the banners and the subscriber badges were well received by Xterminator. As for the community, they enjoyed the new robotic heads featured on the Twitch streams.