Having dungeons for table top rollplaying games is a big task for dungeon masters. Todd Ross has worked on a wonderful web application that easily creates dungeons, and he had asked me to craft 45 art assets, called “stamps”, for users to place and manipulate.

Each batch of assets underwent 3 steps. The first step was sketching out the list of requested items. The stamps are viewed at small sizes which means a limited amount of detail and an identifiable shape.

After the sketches were complete, the best options were taken and inked. Each stamp would share the same default size, and while users can resize them in the application, the inking step included setting a uniform line thickness. The inked stamps were then approved by Todd Ross.

After approval, every stamp was scanned and made into a digital vector shape. This also involved cleaning up lines and details that were lost. Colour was added to the final stamps; the artwork is fairly light on detailed lines, so a flat art style was adopted. This left the hand drawn outlines shine and take front stage while the colours helped the details stand out.

The final coloured stamps were given final approval before being sent as vector files to Todd Ross. This lets users resize the stamps to even 4x size at no loss for quality. 45 custom made stamps can be found on the Dungeon Map Doodler website.