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Factorio Artwork

Factorio Factions The video game Factorio is a complex game with as many ways to play as there are players. The unofficial Factorio Factions project wanted to really showcase this…Visit the project

Tuplex Branding

Tuplex Logo Design
Tuplex is a YouTube channel that produces 30-minute long videos in a tutorial series. The goal is to help the community understand going from A to…Visit the project

Hints and Tips Branding

Hints and Tips Guides
The Hints and Tips guides created to educate people on different topics regarding collaborative construction projects and how to manage them. The primary focus of this…Visit the project

Old Adventurer’s Guide

A Guide to Exploration and Survival
While out exploring the nearby caverns you have come across this old book on adventuring. It talks about a mysterious world, constructing tools, fighting…Visit the project

Xterminator Projects

Xterminator Brand Banner
Xterminator runs a YouTube channel posting short videos around indie gaming and, specifically, Factorio. Content ranges from playthroughs to community highlights which has gathered an audience…Visit the project

Landmine Marketing

Making first impressions that count and effects that will last

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