Unofficial Advance Wargroove Project

May 8, 2020

News from the Frontline

It’s been years since the invasions of Black Hole and all is not well. Their ideas, their technology, it lives on. And despite the best efforts of Orange Star and Blue Moon, secret labs still operate in remote regions carrying out dangerous Black Hole testing.

If a disaster were to strike, it could open an gate to another world.

A world where the King is dead with his medieval kingdom in disarray, where the plants hide in the shadows to hunt people and the undead rise from the ground and attack once more.

How would Orange Star and Blue Moon react? Would they seek diplomacy with the factions of the new world, or be forced to defend themselves? Questions like these have led to the rearmament of the armies. With higher definition units and adjusted perspective, the troops will be prepared to face such a situation.


Upgrading the Armoury

The goal of Advance Wargroove is to provide higher resolution sprites for Orange Star and Blue Moon from Advance Wars 2. That covers 19 unique units across 2 different factions, both battle and map animations.

The art is a mix of Advance Wars 2 and Wargroove. More animated features, but a look faithful to the original games.

The new look for the Orange Star and Blue Moon factions doubles the size of map-level sprites and nearly doubles the battle animation sprites scale. As a result, those identifying traits of the units can be seen even on the map.

Beyond units, Advance Wargroove will provide particle effects and HQ properties. This will give the battle animations their proper look and give the armies their distinct base of operations.

Thankfully, Advance Wars had a strong presence of fans making comics for the game. Special thanks to the Advance Wars Comedians, who have publicly shared their incredible collection of sprite sheets, official and custom, from a number of talented artists. Check them out if you have any interest in doing any Advance Wars sprite work.

About the project

Neither Advance Wars nor Wargroove deserve trying to stick old sprites into a new game; it would degrade the quality of Wargroove and only highlight how old Advance Wars looks.

I started this project to provide high resolution assets to best represent the old game while helping Wargroove keep it’s awesome look because the animations are a huge part of what makes Wargroove stand out.

While the other forces of Advance Wars are not to be forgotten, the project is already looking at well over 250 animations. For 19 units.

It’s a lot.

This is a spare time project and is currently on hibernation; There’s a lot needed before this project can be finished. Go grab the game; Wargroove is 100% worth playing, and there’s tons of custom maps being uploaded for you to play.