Automated Hot Beverage Recipes

Jan 14, 2020

Behind the Project

There was a period of time I played Factorio so late that I didn’t just dream about it, but, during the early period of the morning where you’re conscious but not quite awake, I would literally think myself awake because I HAD to “automate waking up.” I have absolutely no idea what that meant.

It’s been awhile since then and the part of my brain that operates while semi-conscious has accepted that you cannot automate waking up. But I took the hint. I’ve created the recipe you would need to automate production of your favourite caffeinated hot beverage: Coffee, tea, and hot chocolate, all outlined in these recipe boxes (and, yes, I did the math).

Clearly, this was created in the style of the recipes you see in Factorio, but I did the math and created the icons for 3 different, popular hot beverages.

View the original art posting.


Producing an Actual Product

The recipes were released on RedBubble printable on ceramic mugs, as well as a selection of other liquid containers.

In a post on the Factorio subreddit, the mugs proved popular with 2.1k upvotes and 113 comments. The first day of sales saw the majority of sales, though they are still available on the RedBubble site.