The Bradsfort Project

Jul 5, 2018

Inspired by the Halifax Citadel in Nova Scotia, Canada, Bradsfort aims to recreate the strong defenses and iconic architecture of a star fort from the 1700 and 1800s.

The Building of Bradsfort

In the beginning, Bradsfort what a shape in Adobe Illustrator and planning took place to create buildings and assign rooms. Once the basic layout was established, it moved to Minecraft.

The shape was translated into a hilly field, and terraforming began. The grassy slopes were raised to provide a hill for the fort to be dug into. Once the hill was ready, the fort walls were constructed. Then the 2 barracks.

The interior of Bradsfort is mostly furnished with space for 300 stationed Minecraft troops. This includes soldier bunks and officer quarters, smiths and repair stations, gunpowder storage, and temporary living spaces for visitors.


Current Status

While not finished, Bradsfort remains an ongoing project since February 2016. I judge it’s current status as 80% done.


The Showpiece for a Pitch

Designed as a demo for a theoretical pitch to digitally reconstruct historic sites, Bradsfort became more than a Minecraft build. With military badges, site logos, and a digital tour layout, Bradsfort isn’t just for looking at… it’s a site to explore.