The Factory Must Grow Posters

Oct 22, 2020

The Factory Must Grow Propaganda

Propaganda for the Biter Wars

A trio of posters designed to inspire technically inclined engineers with loyalty and a form of patriotism to grow the ever-growing factory. They reference works seen in World War 2, especially those by Bert Thomas, and are designed as propaganda to be plastered around.

The factory must grow is a common saying for those who play Factorio – your mission to build a space rocket constantly expands your factory. One of the obstacles are biters, the native aliens, occupy the land and who will attack your work when aggrivated. This conflicts with your goals, and led to the idea of “the Biter Wars”.

Propaganda for the Home

The purpose of the series of designs was to be printed and hung on a wall. While fictional, the mantra of “The factory must grow” is a phrase many Factorio players can recognize and assocoate with. In fact, the Reddit post has garnered over 6.1K upvotes and 202 comments, and many have requested and purchased a physical copy in one form or another.